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Your process deserves more than just a drive

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Altivar process variable speed drives deliver top performance that exceeds expectations. They optimise business performance across both utility and industrial processes (0,75 kW – 1,5 MW) in a number of demanding segments. By increasing efficiency and reliability in the industrial setting, you can pass the benefits onto your customers and beyond.

Said to be the world’s first services-oriented drives, the Altivar process range gives you a solution to address your challenges. Altivar process drives provide business optimisation by managing increased data volumes, improving services and boosting overall efficiency. These capabilities mean:

  • Real-time intelligence: Access to energy use and process information anywhere, anytime.
  • User friendliness: Simplifying work in harsh environments, performing upgrades, retrofits, or new installations.
  • Green Premium product: Energy savings of up to 25%, using green and ethical materials and enabling increased recyclability, fully compliant with RoHS-2 and REACH.
  • Tailored engineering: Seamless integration into plant structures dedicated to specific processes.
  • Smart services: For a stronger ROI and optimal value of your installations

Fig.1: Altivar process modular variable speed drives deliver top performance that exceeds expectations.

The latest addition to the family of drives is the Altivar Process Modular (APM). The APM ranges from 110 kW – 1200 kW, and are locally assembled by Schneider Electric’s partners, meaning that they are available with short delivery turnaround times.

The APM has all the benefits of the Altivar Process. It also gives flexibility for end-users in terms of late load changes in the design and installation phase of a project. Customers can keep 80% less critical spares with a module and will be able to improve the “uptime” of their operation.

Achieve sustainable energy efficiency without extra costs

Energy management success relies on the ability to access a single system of records that permits timely analysis and reporting. Altivar process drives embed an accurate power measurement feature (error rate below 5%) and provide information on consumed energy compared to production. In addition, they detect power drifts and inform you in real time via a customisable alarm management system.

Designed to ensure the continuity of your process and optimise maintenance costs, Altivar process drives incorporate innovative power technology and advanced communication capabilities. These functions help you enhance performance throughout the life cycle.

Minimise your total cost of ownership

Through system and equipment condition monitoring, Altivar process drives allow you to anticipate system failures and take the necessary steps to avoid them in real-time.

Save time on design of new projects and process upgrades

Altivar Process drives offer compactness, openness, and collaborative engineering. In tandem with unmatched harmonic solutions, they allow you to deliver secured and correctly sized projects at optimised costs. Within the product range, there are several advanced cooling systems available to meet your needs.

Build efficient panels at the right cost – fast

Thanks to highly advanced cooling systems with improved airflow management, Altivar process drives offer the same compact footprint regardless of the protection level you require (IP23 or IP54). What’s more, thermal qualities remain unaffected.

Install and run equipment easily, from any location

Commissioning is fast thanks to embedded FDT/DTM technology and an easy-to-use graphical interface for function settings. Pump curves are easy to make and only require five points, via different user interfaces such as graphic display terminals and SoMove setup software for PCs. Simply download in open format for spreadsheet programs (CSV).

Operate intuitively with real-time intelligence

Altivar process drives enable you to save time on recording and tracking production details manually by automatically transforming basic data into process information.

Choose the right maintenance approach to avoid costly downtime

Condition-based monitoring brings a simple answer to maintenance challenges as it enhances both energy and asset management. Altivar process drives offer condition-based monitoring and maintenance for your assets.

Contact Prisca Mashanda, Schneider Electric, Tel 011 254-6400,


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