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Real-life applications: drones in action at Securex 2020

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South Africa is the largest drone market on the African continent and growing with applications in agriculture, mining, construction, municipalities and in the security industry.  The global drone market will, according to, increase from $14 billion in 2018 to more than $43 billion in 2024. The South African drone market is expected to follow a similar trend.

There is a growing scope for their use in site assessments, for patrolling and inspection purposes, and also for perimeter and large area surveillance. Drones    are becoming an increasingly important part of an organisation’s value chain and holistic security management strategy.

At Securex 2020,  taking place between 02 and 04 June 2020 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg, Drone Guards, a provider of drones, drone pilots and unmanned aerial surveillance systems, will play an instrumental role in showcasing the use of an ‘eye in the sky’ as an effective measure of protecting people and property . Drone Guards will be working closely with the team at Gallagher Convention Centre to add an additional layer to its existing security operations. Drones will patrol the external Gallagher car park, streaming real-time footage to the Drone Guards exhibition stand.

Drone Guards experts and trained pilots will be available to Securex visitors to interpret the video feed and explain how this type of technology can be used in different commercial and residential scenarios.

The multi-rotor drone that will be used at Securex will follow a pre-identified route using GPS co-ordinates, patrolling the perimeter of the car park and demonstrating route randomisation, the practicalities of battery life and charging, as well as manual control via an on-site remote pilot station. This will be a real-life demonstration on how drones can be integrated into existing security measures.

Drones used as part of visible policing efforts in estates have resulted in a decrease in untoward activity such as cable theft and other crime. Drones have speed on their side when it comes to patrolling. Human guards can cover 5km per hour on average with a limited viewpoint, whereas drones fly at approximately 35km per hour for this purpose, at a better vantage point, and thus with greater coverage.


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