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Free technology webinars

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RF Design invites technocrats to free Marki Microwave technology webinars.

14 May 2020 at 15:00 SAST (SAST = local time in South Africa)
Many amplifiers in a typical RF/microwave system are used for single frequency applications: for local oscillator and clock generation. However, amplifiers are typically designed and characterised only for signal applications. In this short (25 minute) webinar, Marki will discuss:

  • Do gain flatness, IP3, and noise figure really matter for LO drivers?
  • Phase noise: the impact of amplifier selection
  • Save time with more usable amps: positive gain slope, positive only bias, and SWAP optimised drivers

Register NowAmplifiers for Synthesizer and Local Oscillator Generation The Unsung Application

28 May 2020 15:00 SAST
Quadrature mixers (IQ, Image Reject, and Single Sideband) offer powerful capabilities and are critical to modern communication and electronic warfare systems. However, they are also among the most complex RF and Microwave circuits. In this webinar, Marki Microwave will deconstruct these powerful circuits by explaining:

  • How ‘quadrature’ signals lead to signal cancellation without filtering
  • Common compensation techniques for optimal carrier and sideband suppression
  • The best and worst ways to create quadrature signals for any application
  • May 28, 2020 | 8 am PST

Register Now: IQ, Image Reject, and Single Sideband Mixers Demystified

11 June 2020 15:00m SAST
Packaging is hard, especially for mm-wave frequencies. Even the greatest design will be ruined by inadequate packaging. Unfortunately, packaging techniques are usually trade secrets that are never taught in school; this makes them inaccessible for new engineers in particular. In this webinar, Marki Microwave will lift the veil by explaining:

  • Fundamental considerations for any package technology from coaxial modules to surface mount packages.
  • Common mistakes to look for from your contract manufacturer
  • How to push your surface mount design to 40 GHz and beyond.

Register Now: High Frequency Packaging from the Experts


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