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New Electric Automation offerings from Festo

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This year, Festo is introducing Electric Automation solutions that aim to fulfil rapidly changing customer needs in the industry.

Bringing power to your fingertips

Festo strives to continuously improve the online experience to enable customers to find the right handling system for their applications. It has integrated the parallel kinematics in the existing Handling Guide Online (HGO) framework of 2D up to 3D gantries. This means that customers don’t have to decide the kinematic type up front, but have the right system proposed by entering the application requirements into the online guide. Once the data is captured, a system is suggested to the customer including all the 3D drawings, pricing and delivery estimates all in one interface.

Fig. 1: The Handling Guide Online helps you to form your Cartesian systems in a few simple steps.

Modular Control System CPX-E

“Designed as an EtherCAT master controller and motion controller, the powerful automation system CPX-E for factory and process automation is becoming the central control system for handling technology. Several bus modules are available for the configuration as a compact and low-cost remote I/O,” said Marcus Gericke, Industry Segment Manager for Electric Automation at Festo South Africa. In addition to comprehensive PLC functions and multiple axis applications with interpolation, the CPX-E can be easily integrated into existing host systems. This is made possible by the EtherCAT master interface, the integrated Profinet device interface or the EtherNet/IP slave interface.

Servo Drive CMMT-AS

“The price and installation space-optimised Servo Drive CMMT-AS is the first representative of a new generation of drive solutions from Festo,” commented Gericke.

With integrated fieldbus and safety functions, as well as high flexibility and a minimal footprint in the control cabinet, the servo drive series CMMT is the ideal solution for special machine builders and small to mid-sized manufacturers of series produced machines. With the direct fieldbus integration of EtherCat, Profinet, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP and their subsequent standard drive profiles (CiA402/PROFIdrive), a seamless and easy integration into third party PLC environments of all big competitors is given.

Servo Motor EMMT-AS

Festo has introduced its latest servo motor with One Cable Technology (OCP). This has many benefits for the user ranging from reduced complexity in cable trays to reduced costs from no longer requiring separate feedback cables. Further to the single cable technology, by making use of single and multi-turn absolute encoders, the new Servo Motor EMMT has superior low cogging torque ensuring smooth and accurate positioning. The integrated “electronic rating plate” containing all the important motor data further improves efficiency by making for easier and faster commissioning thanks to the automatic parameterisation done within the CMMT servo controller.

Electric Standard Gripper EHPS

The parallel gripper EHPS is a great solution for gripping small to medium-sized parts. It comes into its own in handling and assembly applications as well as in special machine construction, the electronics industry, and small parts assembly. Digital actuation makes commissioning easy without the need for external controllers. Integrated T-slots for position sensing ensures that the user can make use of standard Festo sensors. Gripping force retention is made possible by using automatic locking, ensuring a safe grip even in the event of power loss.

Mini Slide EGSC

The compact Mini Slide EGSC is the first choice when it comes to compact dimensions and optimised installation space. It is the ideal complement to the Rotary Drive ERMO and the Linear Axis ELGC in highly efficient 2D and 3D handling systems. The internal, protected recirculating ball bearing guide of the EGSC-BS can easily absorb high forces and torques. The compact ball screw ensures quiet spindle operation and precise positioning, while the lifetime lubrication ensures a long service life.

Didactic Electric Automation courses

Festo Didactic believes in bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience in automation and technology. New, exciting and high-tech electric courses are offered:

  • Servo and Stepper Motor Drives – Basic: This three day course aims to fill the skills gap caused by the increasing use of electrical positioning drives and offers knowledge and skills to master the basics of electrical positioning drives. It is aimed at maintenance, design/engineering, and training professionals.
  • Mechatronic Systems: This four day course focuses on planning, assembly, programming, commissioning operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of production systems that are taught at various levels of complexity. It is aimed at design engineers, plant engineers, programmers, maintenance staff and instructors.

Festo aims to provide the best and most advanced Electric Automation solutions for the industry.

Contact Kershia Beharie, Festo, Tel 086 003-3786,


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