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Hytec South Africa optimises lubricant conditioning

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Dirt, water and air ingress as well as elevated oil temperatures are ongoing challenges in maintaining optimum lubrication conditions for machines with gear boxes and bearing systems.

Using hydraulic and filtration products selected from the Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies’ extensive technology portfolio, these Hytec-engineered and assembled systems provide practical temperature regulation and particle separation of lubricants suited for industrial machinery.

“Hytec lubrication systems have been specifically developed in response to the lubrication challenges faced by large industrial machines” explains Carlo Kieser, who heads the lubrication systems division. “They are specifically developed for gearbox and bearing lubrication requirements in ball, FAG and SAG mills, scrubbers, cone and jaw crushers, winder bearings and more.”

Drawing on decades of industry experience, together with leading hydraulic expertise and a reputable product range, Hytec South Africa has developed a solution that features the use of temperature regulation technologies from ASA airblast coolers, Sesino tube water coolers and custom-designed chillers. Bosch Rexroth filters are used in straining, filtering and ventilating. An extensive range of filters offers optimised selection for each application. Water removal and kidney filtration can be added by installing a conditioning vacuum dehydration system from HYPRO.

KTR maintenance-free couplings couple installed drive power to the pumping units while Olear accumulators and accessories offer stored oil for rundown systems or dampening if and where required. Settima-brand screw and helical bevelled gear pumps distribute the lubricant throughout the system.

The system is equipped with Bosch Rexroth instrumentation, with the option to fit any prescribed instrumentation to comply with pre-existing site specifications. Conventional terminal boxes or advanced IO link master modules can be installed for central communication points. Local control or existing plant PLC integration can be incorporated to control and safeguard the system. Local HMI systems can be incorporated for display of instrument data, providing service personnel with complete machine data.

“Every system is a completely bespoke solution based on customers’ requirements,” Kieser continues. Some of the essential parameters considered include flow, pressure, filtration ratio / ISO cleanliness level, dirt holding capacity, heat dissipation and oil viscosity requirements. Other factors, including ambient and environmental conditions, as well as machine footprint based on available laydown, also determine the machine design.


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