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Fluke Calibration launches digitising multimeter with superior accuracy

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Comtest has announced the launch of Fluke Calibration’s two best-in-class digital multimeters, the 8588A and the 8558A 8,5-digit multimeters. These long-scale precision digital multimeters offer superior accuracy and long-term stability over a wide measurement range.

Stability, simplicity and performance by design

The 8588A incorporates exceptional linearity, low noise and stability in the design. This long-scale digital reference multimeter guarantees superior 3,5 ppm one-year DC voltage relative accuracy and long-term stability over a wide measurement range and functions. The 8588A contains highly stable voltage references and attenuators custom crafted at Fluke Calibration. These precision components eliminate the need for daily internal self-calibration to compensate for drift when less-precise components are used. Autozeroing also becomes unnecessary because the amplifier offsets are ultra-stable.

The 8588A achieves an exceptional 8,5-digit resolution reading in one second, two times shorter than the next best in class, which amounts to considerable productivity improvements.
The 8588A is easy and intuitive to use. It is the ideal lab multimeter for metrologists and calibration laboratory managers who expect and appreciate a straightforward setup that quickly achieves the maximum performance of the instrument.

Fig. 1: Fluke’s 8588A reference multimeter.

Accuracy, offset and stability provide excellent ac performance

The 8588A provides the most accurate true AC rms measurement available in a Fluke Calibration multimeter. With a five mega-samples-per-second sampling analog-to-digital converter and an extraordinarily stable DC analog path, the 8588A achieves remarkable AC rms measurement performance that is ten times faster, two times less noisy, and more sensitive for low level signals than other instruments in this class. It utilises digital rms calculations to maintain full resolution of a wide dynamic range of digitised signals, so users can see a wide range of measurements clearly.

Rapid digital filters are more effective than their analog equivalents for faster settling. The digital filters eliminate the dielectric absorption on analog filters, commonly associated with residual slow-tail characteristics. The digital filters effectively shorten settling time to within six cycles of the filter frequency and less than 1 ppm of the fully settled value. This is up to ten times faster than other long scale precision digital multimeters at low frequencies.

Low noise is achieved from averaging the collected high-resolution digitised data and the inherently stable signal path. De-coupling low level signal sensitivity from temperature drift enables the 8588A to make higher accuracy low-level AC measurements. Therefore, temperature drift, offsets, and long-term instability typically associated with an analog rms converter are eliminated.

The 8588A Reference Multimeter is designed for calibration standards laboratories, and this reliable digital multimeter holds the industry’s best one-year DC voltage accuracy. It also pushes the speed envelope by producing a stable 8,5 digits reading in a mere one second, enabling it to outperform any other long-scale reference multimeter on the market. With more than twelve functions, the 8588A helps consolidate the lab’s cost of test into a single measurement instrument.

The 8558A 8,5-digit multimeter digitises five-million readings per second, allegedly the industry’s fastest, for high-resolution system automation in calibration labs and manufacturing test environments. It further supports a minimum of 100 000 readings per second at 4,5 digits across GPIB, USBTMC or Ethernet, and a 15-million reading data storage in the instrument memory, allowing full flexibility to make timely and correction decisions for system throughput and efficiency.

These instruments offer a straightforward, intuitive user interface and colour display with an easy-to-access configuration menu that makes it easy to train new users. A graphical display lets users easily visualize trends, histograms, complex waveforms, and statistics. Repeatable system-specific tasks can be automated quickly and easily. Fast, high resolution data capture gives the quantity and quality of information needed for increased productivity and faster access to results and answers.

The 8588A and 8558A work with Fluke Calibration MET/CAL calibration software, in 8508A emulation mode, allowing for an increase in throughput while ensuring calibrations are performed consistently every time. This powerful software documents calibration procedures, processes and results for ease in complying with ISO 17025 and similar quality standards.

Contact Comtest, Tel 010 595-1821,


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