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Intelligent security drives eCommerce growth:  While the proliferation of connected devices has made it easier for consumers to purchase goods and services online, it has also introduced new challenges for combatting online fraud and providing frictionless checkout experiences. By allowing merchants and issuers to avoid and detect fraud more effectively, while enabling consumers to make secure, simple transactions with less friction across multiple payment channels, Visa’s new 3DS technology aims to resolve what has long been a dilemma for eCommerce players.

Out-of-the-box spoofing mitigation with Galileo’s OS-NMA service:  OS NMA is one of the corner stones to increase the security and reliability of GNSS receivers. It adds to improvements made by concurrently monitoring signals from several GNSS constellations on multiple frequency bands, as well as integrating other data, such as input from inertial sensors.

Major expansion for Teraco: Over the next year Teraco will add 90 MW to its data centre capacity with expansion in Gauteng and the Western Cape. Teraco has made good on its promise to President Ramaphosa at the President’s 2019 investment drive conference where the company committed to invest R4 billion in South Africa’s digital infrastructure with the announcement of a new 30 megawatt (MW) Data Centre in Cape Town.

AI to turn the tide on cybercrime: The cyber threat landscape in South Africa continues to intensify. But together the cloud and AI can provide the breakthrough security professionals across the country need.

5G Over-the-Air Performance measurement and evaluation using handheld analysers: 5G presents uncharted territory for RF engineers. How to characterise a mmWave air interface? How to measure antenna efficiency? What are the potential interference issues in 5G networks? What solutions can address 5G over-the-air (OTA) measurements to help evaluate 5G trial networks?


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