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We’re back, and re-engineered!

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Welcome to our first newsletter

After a short break EngineerIT is back both in print and online. Our first “new” edition under the ownership of Now Media will be published towards the end of next week.

You can read the latest news and articles on our redesigned website at and we will summarise the news and articles in our twice weekly newsletter, in your mailbox on a Tuesday and a Thursday, with an easy click selection to the items that draw your interest.

After having been the features editor since the first publication of EngineerIT over a decade ago, I am delighted to take over as editor. I am always pleased to hear from our readers and invite you to drop me an email at with your comments, suggestions, news items and technical articles.

Merinda Lottering is looking after the advertising and is ready to assist you to get the best value from your marketing budget. Email her at

NowMedia are no new customers to the publishing industry.  Now Media was founded in 1953 by John Marsh and continues to be run as a family business by Dave Marsh, chairman (2nd generation), and Anton Marsh, CEO (3rd generation).

The company has taken an innovative approach to publishing, whether it be establishing quick-read, high frequency trade newspapers or running its own printing works to ensure it can be first with the news.

Nico Maritz, who heads up a division that focuses on B2B monthlies and upmarket magazines for large residential estates, will manage EngineerIT and our sister publication Energize, now also in the NowMedia stable. The full Now Media story will be in our February edition.

Hans van de Groenendaal



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